in the past 10 years alone our Jones act maritime lawyers have successfully represented. Over 2 000 workers from across Texas Louisiana. The gulf coast who are injure in connection, with some of the most severe. And catastrophic maritime offshore and platform accidents.

Explosions in history we have repeatedly and consistently handled cases. Recovered record setting verdict settlements against every maritime, major oil and Gas Company. In the country Inco diamond offshore Hercules shell pride you name it.

Set records we understand that after an offshore accident our clients are carrying. A very large burden we know that they depended on their wages to care. And support and take care of their family and we know that it is our job.

Our responsibility to make sure that the company’s held accountable. That our clients receive the best and absolute largest recovery possible. As we’ve demonstrated time, in and time out our lawyers know how these companies work.

We are not scare to take them to trial. Recover some of the largest verdicts. Settlements in history we’ll do whatever necessary to make sure that you and your family get the absolute best recovery possible.

Expected Attorney Fees Injury Claim

A personal injury lawyer in Lafayette Louisiana we often ask. What are the expected attorneys fees and expenses with respect to a personal injury claims. Auto accident 18 wheeler accident generally in Louisiana most attorneys charge one third.

And forty percent of the gross recovery which is collected at the end of the claim this allows people.

You expect multiple expense in prosecuting personal injury claim particularly the medical reports. The medical expenses have to be prepaid that’s why it’s important to hire an attorney with the financial background.

Fully prosecute your claim and represent you. If you injure through the fault of an other. If you have a personal injury claim in Acadian please contact my phone Anderson Dozier Blanda. And sauce man we have been helping people for over ninety combined years.