Every body likes check for software updates on your android device. Whether you are coping with a giant, remake of the golem, or simply a monthly security patch. If you are undecided if you are wedged on updates, or if there is one unfinished for your phone. We will assist you out. simply follow this guide and we will show you ways to updates on your phone.

Check for software updates on your android device

This method may vary by phone

 Most phones square measure similar, however, you may regulate things for your specific device. If this guide is not 100% correct for you.

check for software updates
How to check for software updates on your android device 1
  1. To get started, you wish to urge in your Settings menu. You will faucet the gear icon in your notification shade, or hit the Settings app in your app drawer.
  2. Scroll through your Settings menu associated to see if there is an entry specifically for code Updates.
  3. This screen can show you all your System Update choices. Sound “Check for updates” can begin the method of downloading the most recent obtainable code for your phone, however. You will conjointly amendment some alternative things. Like turning automatic updates on associated off and checking the last time you received an update. The choices here can disagree reckoning on your phone maker.
  4. Once you have tapped the button to visualize for updates. You will be prompted to transfer the files, and therefore the update can mechanically install. It would take some minutes to transfer everything, and your phone can boot throughout the method.
  5. That is about the complete method. This works on all golem phones and usually works for tablets and alternative golem devices yet. If you are having issues along with your phone, or you are simply haptic sensation for a few new options. This is often typically aiming to be the primary place to start.