Android Security. An associated road Security Update is an associate update. That is primarily intermeshed toward up security and fixing bugs. These updates do not embody options that you just may notice in your daily use.

As antecedently mentioned, golem gets one huge version update once a year, however, that is not frequent enough to stay it on prime of security threats and bugs.

Android Security
Android Security Updates 1


Android Security

When a brand new android version is discharged

A brand new android version is discharge. There will inevitably be problems with it. That is simply a reality of human-designed products. However, Google does not need to send a full system update simply to iron out some bugs. Instead, they will fix the issues with a smaller update. As you would expect from the name, these updates are vital for security reasons. Some bugs gift security risks, associated with these often quickly self addressed. Security updates may fix vulnerabilities to new attacks that have cropped up.

These updates area unit typically referred to as “patches,” that may be an effective way to consider them. They are little fixes that contribute to the total of the software package.

 Importance of Android Security Updates

You may not notice associated fancy new options after you install a golem Security Update, however, they are vital notwithstanding. the package is never “done.” It perpetually desires maintenance and fixes to stay safe and secure.

 Smaller updates

These smaller updates are unit vital, as they cumulatively fix bugs and patch holes. consider them like holes in a very bucket packed with water. a couple of small holes will not cause the water level to travel down a lot, however, if you punch enough holes, the complete bottom may fall out.

We mentioned before that smaller update will quickly address new vulnerabilities, and that is critically vital, too. You do not need to possess to attend for a full version update to patch an obvious security risk. Smaller updates allow quicker work time. It is vital to transfer these updates as shortly as you will.